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All 4 Adventure: Series 7 Episode 1

Episode Synopsis

Jase and Simon are off once again to seek out new adventures somewhere off the beaten track. In this epsiode they are starting off their exploration through Cape York by visiting The Beck Museum in Mareeba, Queensland to find out more about the World War II history that was dug up by the late Sid Beck.

The Beck Museum is filled with military relics through the ages, and the boys can’t help but marvel at the collection including the P-39 Airacobra pulled from the Jardine swamps. The old M3 Stuart and Saracen tanks are worth taking a spin around the property in a ‘Jase vs Simon’ race for bragging rights.

As seen in the past series, Jase has an interest in the military history that comes with his trips to the top of Australia. So he visits Jackey Jackey Airfield or Higgins Field, which is still in use as Bamaga Airport today, where the land is dotted with historical wrecks from the 2nd World War.

Then it is time to get the big boat into the water, and they’re headed to the islands. But a beach launch proves to be softer than planned, so Simon helps with the first recovery of the season. Soon they’re off and before long they meet up with Mario, the mayor of Hammond Island. Mario gives Jase and Simon a tour of the island including the old military bunks and communication stations leftover from WWII.

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Can I download the episodes to my phone or computer?
No – the only way to watch Unleashed and All 4 Adventure is via streaming and DVD. Downloads are not currently supported.

How long is each episode?
Generally speaking, each episode of Unleashed is approximately 1 hour long, and each episode of All 4 Adventure is approximately 40 minutes long.

How can I stream Season 1 of Unleashed?
The only way to watch Unleashed Season 1 is to buy the DVD boxset or to subscribe to the All Access subscription.

What devices can be used to stream Unleashed?
HD online streaming is available on most Smart TV’s, Apple TV, Chromecast, Mac, PC, phones and tablets.

When are the new episodes of Unleashed released?
New episodes of Unleashed Season 2 are typically released on the first Thursday of each month.

What is the difference between Unleashed and All 4 Adventure?
Unleashed is a non-sponsored show which has been created by Jase and Simon to be longer, louder and ad free!

  • Great videos guys, great stories. I really enjoy the history you guys dig up and find. Helps pay respect to the people who defended what we have today!!!
    - John M.
  • Watched this last night. Great episode! These boys think up the craziest ideas!
    - Troy R.
  • Awesome fellas. The no holds barred episodes are really refreshing. just awesome, keep the up the momentum with the gear and remote destinations.
    - Dean S
  • Recently subscribed and myself and my two boys who do a lot of camping absolutely LOVE the show – hilarious.
    - Peter H.
  • Vicarious living at its best for us blokes at home
    - Steve L.


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