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Library – Unleashed Season 1

Armed with ingenuity, grit and a relentless sense of adventure, Aussie explorers Jase and Simon push themselves and their gear to breaking point in UNLEASHED.

Without fear or trepidation, these two mates take their rigs off the beaten track to explore the most far flung regions of the vast and untouched Australian outback. With no support crew, and days away from the smallest human outpost, they’re literally on their own in a wild and unforgiving landscape.

In this series

  • 1.1 A DIFF-icult Start

  • 1.2 Hunting for the Airacobra

  • 1.3 Between a Croc and a Hard Place

  • 1.3 Mission Follow Up

  • 1.4 Pushing Their Lux

  • 1.5 Hambushed

  • 1.6 Beach Boggy

  • 1.7 Logjammed

  • 1.8 Sink or Swim

  • The Birth of Swampy

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