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Library – The Wild West

Jase and Simon head a new direction to tackle new challenges in a new landscape.

Starting in South Australia, they follow the coast up to the Pilbara in Western Australia to take in all the adventure, beauty, and history that this region has to offer.

In this series

  • The Wild West: Episode 1

    5th November 2016   ·   42 mins Jase and Simon are off on a new adventure. But did they take a wrong turn? Because they are headed south to lands (and temperatures) never seen before on All 4 Adventure!
  • The Wild West: Episode 2

    12th November 2016   ·   42 mins Jase and Simon start out having a good look at the Southern Ocean at the Eucla jetty, which was an essential part of the nation’s telegraph history.
  • The Wild West: Episode 3

    19th November 2016   ·   42 mins This week Jase and Simon head out from the Eyre Telegraph Station. This southern bush is a lot sturdier than its northern counterparts, so the boys abandon the trailers to get moving faster.
  • The Wild West: Episode 4

    26th November 2016   ·   42 mins The boys continue their journey and stop for a look at some of the old features on the homestead in this neck of the woods.
  • The Wild West: Episode 5

    42 mins After a few weeks bashing across WA in the trucks, it’s time for Jase and Simon to meet up with the big boat and hit the water for an epic trip out to the Abrolhos Islands.
  • The Wild West: Episode 6

    42 mins The boys head back to shore after their epic trip to the Abrolhos Islands.
  • The Wild West: Episode 7

    42 mins Jase and Simon take the gear across the barge from Steep Point to Dirk Hartog Island to do a bit of exploring.
  • The Wild West: Episode 8

    42 mins The boys are back on the mainland and head up the coast from Steep Point to the stunning Coral Bay where they hit the water
  • The Wild West: Episode 9

    42 mins Jase and Simon take the big boat over to Ningaloo and have a swim with some of the amazing creatures who pass through these waters.
  • The Wild West: Episode 10

    42 mins We have arrived at the season finale of The Wild West, and this week the boys are travelling from Exmouth up toward the Pilbura. But a bit of a mechanical problem means it’s time to pull over to take a look.
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