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Library – Swampy: Reloaded Miniseries

‘Swampy: Reloaded’ is a 6 part epic miniseries adventure.

Swampy — the BADASS 1996 Toyota Hilux with 46″ extreme mud terrain 4WD tyres — is back for a NEW UNTHINKABLE MISSION:  Taking on Cape York in the Wet Season of 2022.

Cape York’s wet season creates one of the most unforgiving environments in Australia.  It’s scorching hot, soaked in water and teeming with beautiful yet dangerous wildlife like snakes, crocs and more. 

Even the most experienced adventurers wisely avoid the area during this time, as one wrong move could spell disaster for their vehicle… or even worse. 

Fortunately the one-of-a-kind cult hero Swampy was built for harsh conditions just like these, allowing Jase and good mate Jesse to explore Cape York in a way that they have never done before.

In this series

  • Episode 1: Groundbog Day

    69 mins
  • Episode 2: Roughin' it to the Ritz

    53 mins
  • Episode 3: Squealin' then Reelin'

    39 mins
  • Episode 4: The Bird and the Beasts

    42 mins
  • Episode 5: Oil and Toil

    60 mins
  • Episode 6: No Plane, No Gain

    55 mins
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