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Library – Treasures of the Cape Miniseries

‘Treasures of the Cape’ is a 6 part epic miniseries adventure.

BREAKING NEWS:  Jase and Simon are back in 2023 with a brand new series of UNLEASHED! This time around the boys are going hell for leather on a mission to discover the HIDDEN TREASURES OF CAPE YORK, using every tool in their arsenal to unlock the best that Cape York has to offer.  Australia’s toughest 4WD touring rigs are fuelled up, the MONSTER BARGE is loaded and the boys are primed and ready to get UNLEASHED!

In this series

  • Episode 1: Rigs, Rocks and Riches

    49 mins
  • Episode 2: Feast or Famine

    49 mins
  • Episode 3: Barging for Bounty

    41 mins
  • Episode 4: Lure of the Honey Hole

    44 mins
  • Episode 5: Liquid Gold

    54 mins
  • Episode 6: Mission Impassable

    47 mins
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