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Library – Secrets of the Cape

In this series

  • Series 7 Episode 1

    This epsiode they are starting off their exploration through Cape York by visiting The Beck Museum in Mareeba, Queensland
  • Series 7 Episode 2

    Jase and Simon are on Hammond Island, and Mario gives them a tour of the historic St. Joseph’s Church
  • Series 7 Episode 3

    The boys are ready to head out from Hammond Island with the goal of reaching Saibai Island, Australia’s northern-most territory.
  • Series 7 Episode 4

    After 10 days out on the Torres Strait, Jase and Simon return to their vehicles. And there’s that pesky dash light problem to deal with straight away.
  • Series 7 Episode 5

    This episode, Jase and Simon start out from Seisia at the top of Cape York and head down the Ussher Point track.
  • Series 7 Episode 6

    Jase and Simon head down the track to Captain Billy’s Landing with the goal to head up the beach to find a secret waterfall.
  • Series 7 Episode 7

    Jase and Simon head back down the river in the rubber boat on their way back from the secret waterfall in last episode.
  • Series 7 Episode 8

    Jase and Simon are head up into Iron Range with a stop at the Batavia Goldfields, a mining camp started in 1892 and still producing almost 100 years later.
  • Series 7 Episode 9

    Jase and Simon change out some gear to get from Lockhart River to Laura before trekking out to Bathurst Bay, which gives them a little more trouble than they were bargaining for.
  • Series 7 Episode 10

    Series 7 finale, Jase and Simon head back through Bathurst Bay, and it isn’t going any easier in this direction.
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